What is “Amazon’s choice” and How it’s different from “Best Seller”?

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Amazon is one of today’s top online marketplace to buy good quality products ranging from A to Z as they said, that is everything. If you do online shopping often then you must have heard of Amazon anyhow and would have bought something from there.

So when shopping on Amazon you might have seen a label of approval by Amazon on top of some products. The label says “Amazon’s Choice” which is definitely going to attract customers attention because it seems like recommended by Amazon itself. But how are the products labeled as “Amazon’s choice”, are they really of better quality than other similar products?

What is Amazon’s Choice?

As a definition Amazon’s choice labeled products have low return rates and high ratings value, and they are popular then similar other items. It was started to support Alexa driven voice-operated devices. Voice operated devices find it difficult to show a list of search results, so it served as medium to identify just one product per search.

Amazon’s choice helps Alexa to recommend a particular product based on the keyword used for searching the product. So it is a keyword-driven search and displays a different product for a different keyword.

Amazon’s choice is now widely used in Amazon website and mobile application. The label appears as a small dark blue box with orange-white letters making “Amazon’s choice” and helps customers to buy good quality products. Same with the Alexa search the website and app will contain only amazon choice for any product search.

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How is Amazon’s choice selected?

You can get a little information about it’s working when you hover over the label on its website. But now Amazon itself has released the criteria for individual items which are as follows:

  • Available to ship immediately
  • Eligible for prime delivery
  • Popular for that particular keyword you searched for
  • Lower return rates than similar products
  • Highly rated from the users

Now as you can see these are completely subjective terms and does not describe it’s the best in the category. Neither it states that it is the “cheapest or highest rated item” nor as “well priced and popular”. So depending on the factors described above the label can be taken away and given to another product. So yeah you can say it’s a better product recommended by many but not always the best in the category.

How Amazon’s choice and Best Selling different?

Bestseller product technically works based on the seller’s reputation who is selling that product. It’s defined as the rank given to the product based on the orders compared to other product within the same category in the given amount of time. Reviews and ratings are no part of calculating the bestseller rank.

So if you want the product which is bought my many customers then go for “Bestseller” and if reviews and rating then for Amazon’s choice in the same category.


So you can consider Amazon’s choice as a badge of recommendation that the product had been liked by many potential customers. When next time you are shopping on Amazon make sure you try multiple different keywords. Despite this, in the end, it’s always your choice to choose which product. Because it’s possible that product you like might not be liked by others. So Happy Shopping.

If you want a deep understanding of the working of Amazon’s choice you can go here https://www.webretailer.com/lean-commerce/amazons-choice/.

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